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You have a secure attachment style!

Updated: May 20, 2023

You enjoy intimacy without excessive worry and are naturally warm and loving in relationships. It is easy for you to put things in perspective and communicate effectively with your partner about your needs and feelings. You are skilled at reading your partner's emotional cues and responding to them and able to share successes and problems and be supportive in times of need.

Establish healthier relationships as early as today:

Besides therapy, here are 2 ways in which the securely attached could establish healthier relationships as early as today:

Communicating your needs effectively

It's important to be honest about your needs with your partner and to find ways to communicate them in an effective way. Be direct about what you want from the relationship and talk about your fears and concerns. Effective communication will help your relationships improve significantly, and your partner will also appreciate your honesty and openness, which usually will lead to increased understanding and support from them.

Find a secure partner

If you are single, dating another securely attached individual is a great way to form a healthy romantic relationship. Individuals who are securely attached typically feel comfortable communicating their needs and they tend to have a positive outlook on themselves, their relationships, and the world in general. Therefore, in such a relationship, both partners could balance and meet each other's needs.

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Here's to healthy and secure relationships 🍷

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